Long undercut: One of the most up to date techniques to men’s hairstyling is the long undercut, which can quickly identify from the shorter version. You might call this hairstyle attractive and also would certainly make any type of guy appearance younger as well as taller. Used substantially by hipsters, the long undercut has more hair on the top and also is somewhat comparable to a Mohawk with the sides cut in varying styles.

long undercut

How to Get Long Hair With an Undercut

The long hair can be styled in a range of styles, but also for the long hair undercut, you will require to have a haircut on the sides.

long undercut

The hair on the top is maintained to regarding 6 inches as well as the sides cut in a variant of high to reduced undercuts.

long undercut

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You can try out numerous settings when it concerns keeping the hair on the top to a much longer length (2 to 6 inches) and the buzz on the sides to a shorter length (4 to 5 inches ).

20 long haircut suggestions

The Guy Bun

A renowned hairdo, where the long hair slicked to the back as well as a knot styled. The hair at the front has some luster as well as quantity, which makes this hairstyle one of the hipster styles.

long undercut

The Loose Long Hair

With a messy styling, this long hair undercut looks traditional, particularly with the long hair on the top developing a variant with the loose undercut.

long undercut

Slicked Back Unpleasant

If you like the concept of a slick-back but do not such as the concept of having something extremely slick and neat, then this is for you.

long undercut

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Around Length

You can have an undercut with length around and also keep the hair long on the top for an item to bear down.

long undercut

Long Hair with Thin Shaved Component

The hair throughout the head is long and integrated with a thinly shaved component. The discolor coatings to the brushed beard to make this hairstyle appealing.

long undercut

Curly Hair

An excellent option for men with wavy or curly hair, this undercut design looks great, especially with the sides closely cut. The longer longs are groomed carefully to make this style a unique selection.

long undercut

The Flowing Long Hair

The long hair flows over the temple with the sides having a medium undercut.

long undercut

Hard Component Slicked

The hair is slicked away and a difficult part styled beyond. Looks fantastic with a well-groomed beard.

long undercut

The Pony Tail

The long hair is drawn back to develop a braid and also the sides have a high undercut. A completely grown beard includes in the style.

long undercut

Long Hair with Long Beard

The long hair is drawn to the back and also a ring style. A well-groomed long beard makes this hairstyle much more out of the way.

long undercut

The Braided

The long hair on top is styled right into a braid and a ponytail is created at the back. The sides have a medium undercut and also a hard part.

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long undercut

The Harsh as well as Tough

This undercut hairstyle looks harsh and difficult, especially with the ruffled hair and an unclean long hairdo.

long undercut

The Neat Undercut with Tough Component

The hair is brushed nicely away with the opposite having a hard part. A long beard style makes the haircut complete.

long undercut

Undercut with Designs

The styles make this even more considerable with the hair brushed to one side and also the hairs remaining to a beard.

long undercut

Curly Hairstyle with Cut Sides

Showing off curly hairstyles can always look hot, especially if you have natural curls. Otherwise, you can have your hair curled and then have the sides cut. The beard, as well as the layouts, add to the class.

long undercut


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