Exactly how to make your curls stay longer

We all love those lovely, remarkable, lively curls. Yet do you know what’s even better? Attractive, flawless, curly hair that lasts all day.

how to make curls stay

Today we’re sharing our preferred tips and also tricks with you on exactly how to crinkle your hair to make it last all the time! By the way, all these suggestions likewise benefit hair extensions also. You can either watch our tutorial below or maintain scrolling down for all of our ideas and also methods.

how to make curls stay

Mimi is using her Smooth Ombre Golden-haired Luxy Hair extensions in this video for added length and volume. Check out the Seamless collection below.

Start in the Shower

How To Make Your Curls Last Longer

The excellent curl starts from the very start– the shower. Although it is best to curl 2nd or third-day hair (see pointer # 2), you can take specific procedures when you do clean your hair, to guarantee that when the moment comes, your curls will certainly be attractive, defined, and also last for hours.

how to make curls stay

Avoid the conditioner when washing your hair, as this can often make the hair as well soft as well as unsafe, bring about curls befalling much faster. The secret to swirls that last longer is to have adequate grit and also structure to the hair to hold those swirls in place.

Don’t wash your hair right prior to crinkling it

Having said all of the above, the very best hair to begin off with is actually 2nd or third-day hair! Although we all enjoy the feeling of fresh, tidy hair, curls often tend to hold far better in dirtier hair The reason for this is because the all-natural oils from your scalp offer the hair a grittier structure as well as all-natural hold without needing hair mousse, so there’s a much better opportunity the curls will certainly last much longer If you’re in between washes as well as are worried about your hair looking oily, attempt utilizing some completely dry shampoo at the origins, to assist absorb any kind of extra oil.

how to make curls stay

Prep your hair.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s important for your hair to have the right structure to be able to hold a crinkle all day or evening, which can be accomplished with the best hair products Before starting to curl your hair, apply a thickening mousse to your hair. Considering that hair mousse contains alcohol it will certainly remove some of the dampness from your hair, which further enhances the hair’s grit as well as hold.

Although we usually preach making use of alcohol as well as sulfate-free hair products, this is one of the few times that making use of an alcohol-based item is in fact advised! Make use of a charitable quantity of hair mousse filling your entire hand, and also work it with your hair from origins to ends.

how to make curls stay

Exactly how to make your swirls last longer.

Make use of the appropriate hair products.


This is one of the most crucial styling product you can make use of on your hair prior to warm designing, which is the primary manner in which the majority of ladies harm their hair. You can acquire a warm protectant at any kind of medicine shop or beauty parlor, or you can go as-natural, using specific hair oils as warmth protectants. Below are some natural as well as effective ways to safeguard your hair from heat designing.

how to make curls stay


Just how to make your curls last longer

Assist your curls! Apply designing products to your hair, which will certainly help hold the swirls in place much longer. Relying on what works with your hair, apply a tiny bit of mousse before drying your hair. Or, spray a bit of hairspray previously, during and also after crinkling. This will give your hair a rougher appearance which will certainly help prolong the lifespan of your swirls. If you’re questioning what hair care products are best for your hair type, check out the review on hair treatment items here. Every lady needs to know what items are offered and what will certainly function best for your hair.

how to make curls stay

Tip: Do not hold the hairspray too close to your hair as this will make your swirls crispy and hefty. You intend to spray a light haze onto it as well as wait a few minutes for it to completely dry prior to using warmth.

Invest in good hot hair devices

You might assume that your hair is “stick-straight” which “your curls will crumble in 20 mins anyhow.” Well, you will certainly continue to assume that as lengthy as you utilize low-cost, drugstore brand crinkling irons or curling wands! Just when you change to better top quality, premium warm tools, will certainly you recognize that the problem isn’t your hair– it’s the curling iron!

how to make curls stay

Just how to make your swirls last longer

Premium crinkling irons, as well as curling sticks, are generally coated with tourmaline or ceramic, which are products shown to trigger much fewer damages to your hair than straight steel. Yes, they may be extra costly, nevertheless, they are much less harmful on your hair, they warm up better (so you will use warmth for a shorter amount of time), as well as top quality crinkling decision last you years. Investing in high-grade warm devices is an investment in your hair’s wellness and also beauty– that does not desire that?

how to make curls stay

We advise setting your devices at 300F to achieve the ideal crinkle. If you are crinkling your hair expansions, make certain to use a lower warm setup of 250 F, as hair expansions are far more delicate than all-natural hair.

Make use of the right barrel dimension

Exactly how to make your curls last much longer

The barrel dimension is very essential due to the fact that the rigidity of your curls goes hand in hand with exactly how they will certainly use and drop throughout the day or night. The typical false impression is that a bigger barrel crinkling wand or curling iron is what will certainly offer you those hot Victoria Key Curls. We find that a lot of the time, however, a smaller sized barrel will do the trick.

Relying on your hair kind, attempt utilizing a smaller barrel dimension that you usually would such as 1″ or 1.5″, and also see what distinction it can make! Not only will the curls look more defined, however, but they will also additionally last much longer. Often, making use of a larger barrel simply leads to the curly hair chilling out right into waves faster and also befalling.

how to make curls stay

It is likewise essential to separate between a crinkling stick and also a crinkling iron, which will give you different types of swirls. A curling iron is typically suitable for those tight princess swirls, while a curling stick gives you more freedom to customize the sort of swirls. Occasionally, all you need is a various method to accomplish larger or smaller sized swirls, making use of the very same curling stick. Required a refresher on exactly how to crinkle your hair? Here’s an excellent video clip on five very easy methods to curl your hair with the same barrel dimension.

Obtain Your Curls To Keep: Cool Them Down

Exactly how to make your curls last longer

Among one of the most reliable techniques on exactly how to obtain your swirls to stay is to allow the crinkle cool down and also established prior to allowing it to go. Take each fresh crinkle (still maintaining the crinkled shape) and also safeguard its spiral form with a clip or a bobby pin. Just how does this job? Well, as you cover your hair around the curling iron, warm is transferred onto the hair strands, which is what makes them alter their shape.

So, once your pinned crinkle is cooled down, it will certainly allow the hair’s cuticle to close and also set in location, making the crinkle last for a much longer time period. Discover how to do this technique from this video clip. You can also utilize the exact same method when crinkling your hair extensions. When unclipping your swirls, be sure to let them cool for a couple of mins before brushing them out. If you damage the swirls too promptly, they will certainly lose their kind in a much shorter quantity of time.

how to make curls stay

How to make your curls last longer

Hint: Ever before wondered what that ‘awesome’ switch on your hair clothes dryer was there for? Sure, it’s a fantastic method to provide yourself a blast of chilly air during the summertime, however, amazing air is actually used to establish styles. If you do not have the moment to wait for 10– 15 minutes for the curls to set, pin them all to your scalp as well as use your blow drier to blow cool air on them from a distance.

how to make curls stay

Leave The Curls Tight

Just how to make your curls last much longer

When your swirls have actually cooled down, unclip them, then throw your head back and carefully shake the curls out. Rake your fingers with your hair to carefully separate the curls, yet make certain to leave the swirls a little tighter than you, in fact, want them. It is unavoidable that your swirls will certainly fall out as time takes place, nonetheless, leaving them a little bit tighter while you’re preparing will ensure that the swirls last much longer than they would certainly have. The bonus offer right here is that once you have actually reached your last location, the swirls will likely have loosened up simply sufficient.

how to make curls stay

Completed with Texturizing spray

Just how to make your swirls last longer

Considering that texturizing spray is lighter on your hair than hairspray and also you don’t have to make use of a ton of product for its effectiveness, it will actually consider your hair down less and also enable the swirls stay bouncy for longer Texturizing spray is fantastic since it includes quantity and also can also act likewise to a completely dry hair shampoo by reducing the effects of the oils in your hair. You can still make use of hairspray before or throughout the curling process, but completed with a texturizing spray will certainly assist hold the swirls in place without dragging them down too much. It will provide your hair extra body and appearance, making your hair appear fuller overall.

how to make curls stay

Just how to make your swirls last longer.

Your hair still does not crinkle?

Well, this is a sign that your hair is yelling SOS. Extremely damaged hair (consisting of split ends) does not crinkle and also doesn’t hold design well. It’s time to give your hair some love and obtain a trim! Or, avoid split ends entirely by following our guidelines here. Bear in mind, regular trims really result in faster hair development, so don’t hesitate of a couple of snips! As an alternative, we advise to deep condition your hair with a hair mask, which is a great short-term option to completely dry, damaged hair. These hair masks can be made with a couple of easy kitchen area ingredients and also cause softer, healthier, shinier hair– the ideal base for curling.

how to make curls stay

If you’re currently doing all of the above however are having problem with curling your hair, we’ve obtained you covered. Find out exactly how to curl your hair in 5 minutes below, 3 means to obtain large, attractive curls here, how to get excellent, limited curls here, as well as how to get voluminous swirls that yes, last all the time, below.

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