We’ve been seeing the beauty parlor for a long time now, it still puzzles us when our stylist asks for the haircut numbers we want. We have actually thus decided to decode the secret at last by detailing our haircut numbers according to the clipper size carefully for you. Below you go.

haircut numbers

What is the haircut number?

When your barber or hairstylist asks you for a number, what does it actually suggest? Now, it needs to be recognized that these are in a method pertaining to the length of the hair. What they actually are is the portion of hair that is to be left on the scalp.

haircut numbers

For instance, if you have actually chosen the state, number 2 it additionally means that 2/8 of your hair will certainly be left on the scalp. Typically, 8 is the greatest haircut number while there can also be bigger clippers based on the length of the hair.

Understanding haircut numbers/Do you understand your haircut number?

What is a clipper guard number?

A clipper guard number remains in fact nothing but the haircut number which is engraved on the blades of the clipper. If you request for a haircut number two, your stylist will certainly utilize guard number 2 among all the dimensions that the clipper has. It is from the clipper guard number that the haircut numbers emerged.

haircut numbers

If we consider the highest-numbered clipper, i.e., the 8th size clipper to be of 1 inch in size. These sizes from one to 8 are in the rising order of the length of the hair left out. This listing will give you a concept of the idea of haircut numbers.

Hair Clipper Numbers:

Digging little deeper into each number of the hairstyle, here is a slight elaboration of each of the hairstyle numbers. According to the length of the hair left on the scalp. Take place as well as inspect them out so that you can pick much better. The following time you most likely to your salon, thereby getting the best length.

haircut numbers

1: Number 0 Haircut:

Number 0, as you can guess, is full shaving of the head, occasionally with a hardly there layer of hair. This is because there is no guard excluded on the clippers when you get this haircut. There are gradations like the 0.5 also which are between the number 0 and number 1.

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haircut numbers

2: Number 1 Haircut:

One-eighth of an inch, the number 1 haircut leaves a very thin layer of hairs on your scalp. The layer is so thin that the scalp will absolutely reveal. We can perhaps claim that this design is nearly bald but simply not bald sufficient! If you don’t want to go entirely hairless yet desire to cut your head, this is the number to pick.

haircut numbers

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3: Number 2 Haircut:

Slightly longer than Number 1 haircut, the Number 2 haircut has obtained sufficient hair left on your scalp. With a considerable little hair left on your scalp, you can even style it right into some truly prominent haircuts. This is most definitely among the most go-to haircuts for the summer season even if it maintains your scalp cool. Likewise, it is very easy on maintenance which is why it is fantastic. If you have an active way of living wherein you can not invest way too much time on your hair.

haircut numbers

4: Number 3 Haircut

Number 3 leaves longer hairs on your scalp. While it can be made use of to create fades or short haircuts like the crew cut or the team cut, you can not actually design it too much. A spiky hairstyle can additionally be got at this length of the hair. This hair cut is easy to upkeep.

haircut numbers

5: Number 4 Haircut:

We’re at half an inch of hair strands and therefore at Number 4, there is an excellent amount of hair left on the scalp. This hairstyle can be styled right into short as well as longer hairstyles. And also a parting is additionally feasible at this length. It is good for individuals with a rounder face form to start rising from number 4. As it leaves much more hair on the scalp making their face look substantially thinner.

haircut numbers

6: Number 5 Haircut

The number 5 haircut, being over half an inch leaves a great deal of hair on top of the head. The number 5 haircut leaves us to be able to style it into various styles like the side-parted hairstyles and also many fades. In some cases also quiff as well as edge hairstyles are possible with this haircut. It is typically one of the most favored lengths of hair by men.

haircut numbers

7: Number 6 Haircut

The number 6 hairstyle leaving a little longer hair than 5 is a whole lot similar to number 5 haircut in the manner ins which it can be styled. Sometimes, the frontal component of the hair is entrusted to a number 6 length of hair while the remainder of the hair has a lower number of hair sizes.

haircut numbers

8: Number 7 Haircut

Number 7 haircut has simply some of your hair is trimmed away with lots of it left. This haircut is favored by men who ‘d like to maintain styling their hair right into different hairstyles such that it reveals the natural appearance.

haircut numbers

9: Number 8 Haircut

The Number 8 haircut is a very light trim where a lot of your hair is left undamaged. This is used when you wish to style your hair in fade haircuts on the upper part of the hair leaving it to be styled in complex Mohawk or other punk-ish styles. It can also be obtained when you don’t intend to lose much your hair but intend to maintain the edges trimmed.

haircut numbers

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