57 Posh Plum Hair Color Ideas & Dye Tips

The plum hair color sits somewhere between eggplant and burgundy hair. As it is a natural blend of red and purple tones that is dark but not too dark and flatters nearly everyone. This is one of those style hair colors that are not too out there. So it feels incredibly unique however is proper for all circumstances.
Because plum hair is in fact made up of a complicated blend of tones. We’ll help you figure out which variation on it will work best with your complexion. We’ve offered directions in case you want to dye your hair plum at the house. In addition to guidance for the very best plum hair color, you can purchase in shops or online.

We have actually got some maintenance ideas, also. So you can keep your plum hair color looking dynamic for as long as possible. Those who like fashion hair colors are also fans of altering them up. So we’ve likewise included recommendations on how to get rid of plum hair color for as soon as you get tired of it.

Plum Hair Color

Significant hair color modifications typically require a design re-examination. So we have actually included some makeup and style suggestions for plum hair color. You can make certain your whole appearance from head to toe is as cohesive as can be.

Plum hair dye can be used in all way of strategies, with balayages, ombres, and colormelts all being popular plum hair options. We’re showcasing all of them in this post. You can get motivated to try plum hair in such a way that’ll fit your individual design.

Your Plum Hair Color Guide: Contents

How to Choose the Right Plum Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Plum hair is a sort of purple-red color, implying that it is mainly a mixture of blue and red tones. Blue is a cool color while red is a warm one, so plum hair color is neutral. If the plum hair color is a bit more reddish then it will probably count as “warm”. While if it is more blue-based then it will be considered “cool”. This will have a huge effect on how it relates to the skin’s undertones!
As far as darkness is worried, plum hair in fact tends to work simply as perfect for light skin as it does for darker skin. Very dark plum hair may look a little “goth” on someone who is extremely fair. So if that’s not the objective then a plum magenta may be a much better option. Besides that, the darkness level does not matter excessive.

Plum Hair Color

Now for undertones. With plum hair, it is generally best to match undertones. Specifically for those who have warm undertones to their skin. By warm undertones, we indicate skin that leans a bit towards yellow, with veins that appear greenish and redness in the skin. With skin that is a bit warmer, it is best to choose a really warm plum hair color that has a great deal of red mixed into it.

On the other hand, those with olive skin, which appears really green, are really better off going with an extra cool plum hair color.
Those with cool skin, which has pinkish undertones. In addition to those with totally neutral skin can actually use any sort of plum hair. As the purplish tones tend to be very flattering no matter which direction they lean in.

Coloring Your Hair Plum In The House

The finest feature of plum hair color is that it’s one of those style hair colors that don’t actually require bleaching. This makes dyeing hair plum in your home a lot easier than coloring it a light color. Even if your hair is naturally darker. That being said, the darker your hair is naturally, the darker your plum hair will be.

If you are wishing for a plum hair color that leans towards magenta then you need to definitely bleach your hair. Initially following our directions here, but in most instances that will not be needed. Another option is to lighten your hair with the balayage strategy. After that to use a semi-permanent dye all over the head in order to achieve a subtle, plummy balayage.

Plum Hair Color

You can likewise just use the balayage method when applying the plum hair dye. Although first think about whether the mix of your natural hair color and plum hair color will be a good one.

We give instructions here for dyeing virgin hair all-over. Please note that dye will not lighten hair (specifically not colored hair). If your hair has been through a lot or if you are expecting a very intricate appearance then you are most likely much better off getting your hair dyed expertly.

Before You Start:

Avoid washing your hair for a day or 2 before it’s coloring time. Unwashed hair is normally a little more powerful and much healthier. Because of the natural oils coating it. So it also tends to respond much better to the color and experience less damage.

Make certain you have an action plan. Look at motivation pictures like the ones we’ve gathered below. Have an idea of what you would like the result to look like. So you understand precisely how to go in with the plum hair dye.

If you are wishing for a very particular shade of plum think about doing a spot test initially. Since it’s tough to predict precisely how the color will come out. Mix a little quantity of dye and use it to a single hair of hair that would typically be under the rest of your hair. So it is not noticeable in your daily, and then see if you like its color. This will also allow you to ensure that you are not allergic to the color itself.

Plum Hair Color

Make sure that you are already in the practice of not washing your hair too often. And of using hair-strengthening treatments like protein-rich hair conditioners or masks. Using a nourishing hair treatment the day prior to dyeing your hair is a terrific way of offering it a boost and avoiding damage.

Lastly, make sure you have whatever ready to go. Absolutely nothing is even worse than beginning to blend the color. Understanding that you’re missing something important. So do a full stock of what you’ll need and have it all prepared in front of you prior to you begin doing anything.

You Will Need:

Plum hair dye: we truly like the Madison Reed Radiant Hair Color Set in Volterra Amethyst from Ulta. You can likewise mix it with the Savona Scarlet package to achieve a more red-based plum hair color. For a semi-permanent color, we advise Punky Hair Color in Plum, likewise from Ulta.

Plastic gloves (consisted of in the Madison Reed package).

Plastic shower cap (included in the kit).

Hair coloring brush.

Plastic mixing bowl.

Plastic hairpin.

Old button-up shirt or zip-up top.

Petroleum jelly or barrier cream.

Hair conditioner.

How to Keep Your Plum Hair Color Bright

  • Frequent washings are the bane of hair color, consisting of plum hair dye. Try to limit how frequently you wash your hair to one or two times a week, and every other day at a lot of if you have oily hair. If you have a problem with your hair looking oily or getting greasy, attempt to minimize washing by utilizing dry hair shampoo rather.
  • When you do clean your hair, go with a color-safe, sulfate-free hair shampoo. You can utilize a hair shampoo and conditioner set that contains a bit of pigment to refresh your hair tone.
Plum Hair Color
  • Get in the practice of showering and cleaning your hair with lukewarm water. Warm water opens up the hair cuticles and causes the color to bleed, while also weakening the hair overall.
  • In the very same vein, severe heat styling will also harm your hair and your plum hair color. A bit of blow-drying (with the help of a heat protectant spray) every when in a while is okay, however correcting and curling irons can be too intense.
  • Revitalizing your plum hair color in your home while likewise strengthening it is actually quite easy these days, as more individuals are gathering to fashion hair colors. The Uberliss Bond Sustainer in Purple Iris from Ulta is ideal for strengthening and softening the hair while also including intensity to plum hair color that is starting to fade.
  • Chlorine is a quick destroyer of hair colors, so if you’re going to the swimming pool ensure to connect your hair up and place on a swimming cap.
  • Sun direct exposure will also fade plum hair dye, so wear hats on sunny days (your skin will also thank you!) or utilize a UV-protecting hair spray or oil.

How to Remove Plum Hair Dye

Getting rid of darker style colors is not a simple procedure, but it is doable. You have a few instructions you can go in, depending on the last color you are hoping for. Note that the majority of these approaches for fading plum hair color are rather drying, so make sure to follow them up with a hair nourishing mask or a leave-in conditioner.

Option 1: Go Darker

The simplest method to get rid of plum hair dye is to color over it with a darker color. It causes the least damage to the hair and is a fast process.

It is very important that the color that you select is not only darker, however that it will also reduce the effects of the red and purple tones of the plum. This indicates selecting a shade that is neutral or ashy, as these are tones that counteract red. A warmer brown, on the other hand, will wind up looking a little reddish when used over plum hair.

Choice 2: Use a Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying hair shampoo is ideal for gradually and methodically fading out semi-permanent hair colors, including plum hair color. Just choose any hair shampoo that contains sulfates.

Some people find that meal soap works well, while others choose anti-dandruff hair shampoo. Combine this with hot water to open the hair cuticles and let colors bleed out.

This approach will not completely remove your plum hair color but it will assist it vanish slowly, which is especially helpful if you ‘d like to color over it.

Option 3: Try the Vitamin C Technique

The vitamin C method is ideal for both taking out the dye and for a little lightening dyed hair without triggering too much damage, and it works for both permanent and semi-permanent plum hair dyes.

This dish needs a sulfate-based shampoo and some vitamin C powder. If you don’t have vitamin C powder on hand, you can likewise crush vitamin C pills into an extremely great powder.

  • In a bowl mix one-part vitamin C powder and one-part clarifying shampoo– you might also choose to include a little water or more shampoo if you discover that the mix is too thick.
  • Apply the mixture to your hair from roots to tips, much in the very same method you would use hair dye. As soon as your entire head is covered, massage the mix in a bit more.
  • Next, clip your hair up and cover it in a shower cap. Wait 45 minutes-1 hour, and then clean out the mixture in the shower with warm water. You will see hair dye start to come out along with the mixture.
  • When you’re done, do a conditioning treatment to restore moisture to your hair.
  • You can do this method a few more times (though ideally not on the same day) in order to fade the hair a bit more.

Choice 4: Bleach It

Think about bleach as a last resort, as it is rather harmful to the hair. It is the only method to lighten the hair substantially, which is specifically essential if you ‘d like to go from plum hair to blonde.

To avoid excessive damage, bleach your hair with a 20-volume developer and bleach powder, and follow up the bleaching with a nourishing treatment or Olaplex. Using new semi-permanent hair color to your hair after whitening is a fantastic concept, as it will transfer pigment and fortify your hair– simply ensure it’s a color you love!

Makeup Rules for Those with Plum Hair Color
When it concerns your makeup routine, there are a few changes you should make to keep your plum hair color nice-looking.
Complexion Makeup for Plum Hair
Similar to a lot of darker style hair colors, it is normally best to choose a slightly more improved skin. This may imply changing to a structure with more coverage, using a bit more concealer in your makeup routine, or color remedying– this totally depends upon your application styles and the starting condition and color of your skin.

With darker colors, guaranteeing that there is color in the face is also rather essential. A touch of bronzer, blush, or contour color can go a long method towards keeping dimension in the face and keeping it from getting washed out by the hair.

Plum hair, since it sits between purple and red, actually works well with many blush colors, so do not feel restricted to utilizing cool, neutral, or warm blushes– any color will work beautifully, as long as it suits your complexion!

Eye Makeup for Plum Hair

Eye makeup can make a big difference, especially for those making the switch to plum hair color from lighter hair color. A touch of mascara and eyeliner will highlight your eyes and make certain that your functions don’t get lost behind the attention-grabbing hair color.

When it concerns choosing eyeshadow colors, just be conscious of the color wheel and the relationship your plum hair color will have with the eye shadow you select. Take these colors and the last scheme into account when selecting a lip and blush color, too.

You can create looks based on a monochromatic color pattern with plum, magenta, and rose tones, or looks based upon an analogue scheme with red, orange, and yellow tones or going in the other direction with purples and blues. The metallic and gem tone versions of these shades are especially stunning.

Having fun with the complementary color (green) or a split complementary color pattern (blue and yellow) can be actually special, but is much tougher to match.

Picking neutral eyeshadow colors is an easy method to navigate this entirely. These neutral colors include champagne, beige, taupe, chocolate brown, gray and black.

Lip Colors for Plum Hair

The excellent thing about plum hair is that it plays nicely with practically all lipstick colors. Orange-based shades like brick, orange, and peach offer a nice contrast to the cool tones in the hair, while mauve, berry, and magenta lip colors are a nice match to it.

Neutrals constantly work well, of course. Simply make certain to match your lipstick undertone to your blush, or you risk clashing.

The hardest lipstick color to match to plum hair is red. A red lipstick can be either blue-based and cool or yellow-based and warm. If you are eager to wear a red lip with your plum hair, it is better to leave the eyes neutral, to much the undertone of the red to your blush, and to guarantee that the rest of your clothing is also well coordinated based on undertones.

Changing Your Closet to Your Plum Hair Color

  • Because plum hair borders on the brink of being a natural hair color (it’s not, however it appears like it ought to be), no huge closet changes are hardly ever necessary.
  • That being said, if your design is colorful then you require to keep in mind that plum is now part of any color plan you will wear.
  • Plum hair can feel a little dark, so you can soften your whole look by using the “butter stick” appearance, with clothing in tones of beige, cream, and light brown.
  • Lighter monochromatic appearances with rose and mauve can have a comparable though more feminine impact.
  • If you want to embrace the dark edge of your plum hair color then accept darker shades like black, deep olive green, or gunmetal gray.
  • Main colors like blue and yellow tend to look stunning beside plum hair, while red is a little too close for convenience and might clash against it.
  • You can have a great deal of enjoyable with color obstructing your attire based upon your hair. Yellow-orange and teal combine with plum to make a beautiful triadic color pattern, for example.

57 Pretty Plum Hair Color Concepts to Accept

There is a lot of room for imagination with plum hair color– light and darker tones can be integrated with all sort of methods, and there is also a lot of interesting work that can be made with the different undertones of plum hair. Discover 57 imaginative methods you can use this pretty hair color!

Deep Plum Waves

purple haired woman in black top leaning on wall

This take on plum hair color combines darker and lighter tones to achieve an abundant multidimensional effect that is difficult to withstand. Lighter tones at the ends include brightness, while a touch of deeper dark brown at the roots keeps things healthy.

Black and Plum Reverse Balayage

woman wearing gray top

Plum hair is already on the dark side of things, but if you choose including even a bit more edge to it, then a reverse balayage might be the method to go! A reverse balayage, of course, is when darker colors are included natural-looking streaks to the ends of the hair, starting at various levels. This example of it, with both black and plum, feels a little gothy but still very flattering.

Intense Plum Bob

woman with red hair photo

Lighter plum hair color tones almost divert into magenta, so they can be a great deal of fun for spring and summer season. This combination of plum hair with a shorter haircut is spirited, but it still has the sophisticated edge of a streamlined bob.

Vivid Plum Waves

person wearing black top

This Person Tang takes on plum hair color is a little on the warmer side, with a great mixture of red and purple hair tones. This is the type of shade that truly gleams as the light hits it, so it can look absolutely different from day to night!

Smoky Plum Hair

person tying white ribbon on blonde-haired woman

This ultra-cool plum tone has a smoky tinge that is dark and sexy, a perfect winter hair color. This dark look gets a tinge lighter at the ends, but the roots are kept dark for simple upkeep.

Dark Chocolate and Plum Sombre

A gradual ombre is a terrific way of reducing into fashion hair colors, and it is subtler than a severe ombre. This wavy ‘do shows us a take on plum hair color that has simply a tip of copper to it– best for those ready to be recently initiated.

Plum and Magenta Balayage

woman playing guitar while singing

If you remain in the state of mind for a brighter take on plum hair, think about integrating it with a brighter magenta! This appearance uses subtle balayage and color melt techniques to develop a vivacious appearance that is smooth and stunning.
This dark long bob is sophisticated, showcasing the subtlest cool plum balayage along with completions. The feathery styling includes some airiness to the darker hair color, keeping it perfect for each season.

Three-Tone Plum Hair Color

woman holding lit heart

The balayage technique was utilized here to create a gorgeous plum hair color gradient. The roots are as dark as can be, but they slowly become streaks of plum, which change to a deep magenta at the ends.

Finished Plum Bob

woman in white button-up dress shirt and white pants holding apple sitting on chair

A finished bob can be a bit too serious, so including some colorful streaks is an excellent method of livening it up! Thinner streaks of warm plum hair dye include a lot of brightness, especially around the face.

Eggplant and Plum Hair

girl's black hair
women's brown hair

As far as food mixes go, this one might need finesse to pull off, but these two shades of purple integrated are as easy as can be. The dark, eggplant color base of the hair is rich, while a touch of brighter plum balayage on completions brightens up the appearance.

Plum Streaks

photo of girl with pony tail

This mix of black-brown and plum hair color in this look is abundant and deep. This is the kind of look that will actually make you seem like you’re straddling brunette and redhead, as the streaks of the red-based plum are numerous.

Auburn Plum Melt

woman wearing black and white long sleeve dress standing facing sea during daytime

The flowiness of a curled color melt is tough to resist, particularly in this stunning auburn plum gradient! The roots are a dark reddish brown that fades into an auburn plum hair color with a tip of magenta at the suggestions.

Short Plum Balayage

woman with straight black hair bun

The impact that intense balayaging can have on a bob haircut is surprisingly gorgeous– it adds dimension and volume too much shorter hair, making it seem lusher. This beautiful blend is perfect because it keeps the bulk of the hair a dark, healthy plum while brightening up the fronts and flattering the confront with a lighter plum that leans towards magenta.

Plum Brunette Waves

woman covered with blanket

This is a brown-based plum appearance that is shining with health and moisture. The roots are a deep brown tone, while the mids and ends are colored a natural-looking plum that is a mix of brown and purple with really little red.

Plum Jelly Waves

woman sitting on white padded seat

Sweet and fruity with simply a hint of darkness– this multidimensional long bob is scrumptious. It is a professional look that uses a ton of different streaks in different colors, with a mixture of both cool and warm plum hair tones that is super fashionable.

Warm and Cool Plum Balayage

women's pink fur spaghetti strap top

Over these brunette locks, the most interesting plum balayage was created. I’m generally obsessed with undertones, and this look showcases streaks of both blue-based plum and red-based plum in such a way that works so well because of the brown base functions as a stabilizing force.

Peach-Glazed Plum Hair

That touch of peach on the ends of this plum hair is the trick to the chic, high-fashion impact of this appearance! It’s particularly impactful due to the fact that this is a very cool take on plum hair, with blue-black roots and smoky purple plum mids.

Glossy Plum Sombre

woman sitting on brown concrete stairs holding her hair

A touch of hair oil instantly includes health and shine to style hair colors. These ultra-long locks were gussied up with plum hair dye used as a somber, in an appearance that is simple to maintain yet so beautiful.

All-Over Smoky Plum

woman standing on docking pier looking straight ahead

While somber, streaks, and balayage are excellent, in some cases a basic all-over color is all you actually yearn for. This smoky plum hair color was applied all over, with just the roots left bare, for that streamlined, significant appearance.

Plum White Wine Waves

woman sitting beside engine

Just taking a look at this hair is making me feel a little drunk! This red-based plum hair color offers a magnificent red wine impact to the hair, and the mix of both lighter and darker streaks of it ensures optimal volume.

Plum Flame Balayage.

selective focus photography of woman with braided hair

There is something intense about this balayage, regardless of the truth that the plum hair dye utilized wasn’t extremely warm. The base of the hair is nearly black, however, completions were balayage with a mixture of thick streaks of smoky dark plum and thin streaks of magenta, resulting in a vibrant look that reminds us of a dancing flame.

Plum Heatwave Colormelt.

woman wearing black off-shoulder top with left hand under chin during daytime

This ideal progressive fade is like a plum wave of warmth. The much deeper roots fade into a burgundy-plum, with simply a hint of magenta at the ends adding fire to the appearance.

Plummy Touch.

woman in white scoop-neck top in front of white wall

This hand-painted graduated bob features a subtle take on plum hair color that is perfect for those hesitant to attempt style hair colors. This subtle appearance involved a lot of brown-plum strands near the face, so you’ll still feel like you’ve experienced a modification, without overwhelming the hair with color.

Light and Dark Plum Hair.

woman wearing white tank top sitting on stair

This wavy long bob was styled perfectly for the plum balayage it showcases. The bulk of the hair is a darker plum that verges on burgundy, with lighter golden magenta tones balayaged through adding high contrast.

Streaky Magenta Plum Hair.

selective focus photo of woman posing beside the wall

Sometimes the finest method to flaunt streaks is by blow-drying the hair so it is straight yet soft and fluffy. The mixture of magenta-based plum streaks over a chocolate brown base leads to an advanced yet brilliant look.

Plum All Over.

woman waving her long brown hair

This is another take on an all-over plum hair color that brings the drama! The long waves guarantee that the wearer appears like a dark princess, with a plum hair color that is heavy on the red undertones.

Plum Marcel Waves.

woman with pink fur scarf near wall

Few retro curls never harm. The plum hair in this appearance is multidimensional thanks to subtle highlighting that makes the Marcel waves shine.

Pinky Plum Highlights.

selective focus photography of woman

The highlights in this appearance may look complex, however, this is really among those balayaged plum hair colors that were simple to produce. The hair was highlighted with the thinnest streaks, and after was dyed all over with a pinky plum tone, so the ends look brighter.

Deep Plum Sombre.

selective focus photography of woman

Some more princess plum hair for you to drool over! These lush, long locks are the best canvas for this deep purple plum sombre.

Hand-Painted Plum Hair Color.

woman wearing black and white striped shirt

Frequently the professional touch is truly worth it, particularly if you want a natural-looking, hand-painted effect. Colored with a smoky, cool-toned plum hair dye, these waves, however, seem flowy and natural.

Black Plum Locks.

If you discover yourself thinking that many of these plums are not edgy enough for you, then this black plum hair color might be the shade you require. This style shows that even those with extremely dark hair can still rock plum shades without bleaching and that the result is still striking.

Golden Plum Waves.

shallow focus photography of woman looking sideways outdoor

While there is no gold actually utilized in this look, there is a warm, metal effect that makes it seem as though it’s there. The base of the hair is a deep plum, but a wash of warm magenta over it provides that golden metallic sheen.

Mixed Plum Hair.

woman walking on forest trail looking downwards

Combining lighter and darker tones of plum hair color without having it look like streaks is the work of a real artist. This smoky plum look has volume and dimension without any obvious color shifts– subtle and sensational!

Two-Tone Plum Hair Color.

focused photo of a woman wearing red long-sleeved dress

Can’t choose between light and dark? A two-toned plum balayage may be the method to go– the darker shade is healthy and simple to keep, however, the lighter plum ends give life.

Witchy Plum Hair.

women's gray full-zip jacket

There is something a little sinister yet sexy about these deep, glossy plum curls. The dark base, touch of dimension, and extra shine all result in a dynamic hairstyle that suggests the hair itself is alive.

Merely Plummy Balayage.

This appearance is everything about taking virgin dark brown hair and simply gently painting it with some high-impact color. The plum hair dye is extremely cool and fashion, so the total result is attention-grabbing and distinct.

Amethyst Waves.

photo of woman wearing white off-shoulder crop top standing beside concrete building under clear blue sky

When plum hair is this multifaceted it handles a jewel-like impact that is truly remarkable. The careful streaking of light and dark plum hair dye over dark black hair has an amethyst-like impact that is attractive and luxurious.

Plum Mermaid Hair.

braided hair woman taking photo in corner of glass railings at daytime

You can definitely design plum hair into beachy waves, and the impact is just as wonderful just like pastels or reds! These vibrant plum locks would be fitting on any mermaid.

Smoky Plum Gradient.

grayscaled photo of woman

This gradient plum hairstyle truly commemorates the dark roots, as it permits to gradually and slowly progress into a lighter smokier plum through the mids and ends. It’s a mix of balayage and ombre that is perfect for shorter hairstyles.

Sunset Plum Hair.

woman covering her face

There is quite a bit of contrast in between the darker roots and magenta plum locks, however due to the fact that of the seamless transition the effect isn’t even a little bit jarring. Rather, we get to enjoy a stunning late sundown hair impact.

Sleek Auburn Plum Hair.

woman sitting on log in the forest

Auburn and plum hair tones are a match made in hair paradise. They mix together to produce a wine-like effect that has lots of depth, even when the hair is styled directly.

Anime Plum Hair.

man in brown jacket walking near shore

This ultra-vivid mix of dark purple and plum hair colors is straight out of an anime! It’s hard to attain such completely saturated hair, however, that’s precisely why it’s so worthwhile.

3-Tone Plum Hair Melt.

woman standing and holding phone

This is among the most interesting takes on plum hair color that we’ve seen so far. The color felt is comprised of darker roots, brighter magenta mids, and cool plum ends. This tri-tonal result guarantees a lot of volume in the center thanks to the high contrast between the various undertones.

Jewel-Toned Plum Bob.

woman wearing black lace dress near bar counter

This ultra-shiny plum bob is cute yet advanced. The hair itself is additional shiny thanks to creative highlighting, and the total tone is gorgeous and lively thanks to the dominance of purple shades.

Magenta Plum Wave.

woman wearing gray coat

There is something really beachy about this magenta Marcel wave. While the styling is streamlined, the plum hair color is brilliant and fruity, with a great deal of passion.

Slate Plum Long Bob.

woman walking while holding her hair near brick wall during daytime

This plum hairstyle is as cool and sleek as slate, with ultra-thin streaking that gives a subtle texture. The tone itself is a dark brown-plum that is low on reds, ideal for those who want wearable style colors however are overall burgundy plums.

Plum Wine Princess Curls.

selective focus photography of woman in brown coat

This burgundy-based plum hair color is so ideal in these rich princess curls. It’s the sort of color that exhibits sophistication, while the styling makes it appear soft adequate to oversleep.

Delicate Plum Streaks.

Including ultra-thin but strongly purple plum streaks to brown hair produces a beautiful mix that is brilliant and complex. Offer it a try if you’re not prepared to totally offer up on your brunette base!

Copper Plum Sombre.

one unknown celebrty

This incredibly warm, copper-based plum hair color is to crave! The sombre itself is completely used, as can be seen even when the hair has corrected the alignment of, and the extreme heat is ideal for those with yellow undertones to their skin.

Ultra-Shiny Purple Plum Hair.

woman in red sweater leaning on gray concrete wall

This is another plum hairstyle that would be ideal for a gritty anime heroine. The long locks are dyed a strong purple-based plum that is edgy yet cartoonish, best for someone who is a little out of this world.

Wild Plum Hair Color.

woman sitting near green trees

There is something wild and adventurous about this plum hair color! While the bulk of the hair is dyed with deep plum tones, the magenta ends add that touch of adventure.

Icy Plum Streaks.

woman leaning on wall

These plum streaks have an icy, metallic effect over the dark black base. It’s a take on plum hair that is best for the winter season or just for anyone who desires to exude a hard vibe.

Grape and Plum Waves.

woman wearing white lace sleeveless mermaid dress while sitting on wilted grass

Is anyone else getting a hankering for some fruit salad? This mix of purple and plum hair tones is vibrant in spite of the dark colors, thanks to a high saturation of purple tones and some bright streaks here and there.

Large Smoked Plum.

woman in white wedding dress standing at daytime

The ultra-thin streaks of light and dark plum in this look have a volumizing result that is simply a little smoky. I may not desire to eat a smoked plum, but I can’t help but enjoy it for hair.

Chocolate-Covered Plum Hair Color.

woman standing with white coat on her shoulder

Chocolate-covered dried fruits are delicious– the chocolate provides a deep, smooth flavor, while the dried fruits are just a little tart. That’s exactly the effect this plum hair color has, with chocolate brown as the dominant tone that is made a bit zestier with a small plum undertone.

Glazed Sugar Plum Hair.

woman in brown button-up top holding her hair

Super shiny, shiny plum hair can be sugary sweet and hard to withstand. These sleek locks were dyed precisely in such a way, with a bright magenta plum that is as gorgeous as can be.

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