Zach Lavine Haircut

Zach Lavine Haircut

Zach Lavine is a professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He plays shooting guard, and he is also known for his amazing hairstyle. It’s no wonder that people want to get his haircut, but how do you know what kind of haircut will work for you? 

There are many different ways to style your hair after getting a Zach Lavine haircut. You can choose between getting a shaved side or keeping the hair on your sides long, which is also known as an undercut. You can also choose between getting a fade or leaving your hair long on top. You could even go for a pompadour!

If you’re looking to get Zach Lavine’s haircut, we’ve put together this guide to show you how it’s done!

Who is Zach Lavine?

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Zach Lavine is a professional basketball player who plays point guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He was born in Seattle, Washington on March 10, 1995. He grew up in Seattle and played soccer and football until he was 14 years old when he discovered basketball.

Lavine attended Bothell High School in Bothell, Washington where he led his team to two state championships. He was named Washington State Mr. Basketball twice and was also named Gatorade Player of the Year for the state of Washington as a senior in 2012-2013.

After high school, Lavine played college basketball at UCLA from 2013-2016 where he averaged 9 points per game during his freshman year and 22 points per game by his junior year. His most memorable moment as a Bruin came when he hit a buzzer-beater against USC to win the Pac-12 regular season title for UCLA’s first conference title since 2008.

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After college, Lavine worked out with several NBA teams including the Minnesota Timberwolves before being drafted fifth overall by them in 2014. Since then he has become an integral part of their team’s success with his speed and athleticism on offense while also showing improvement defensively over time.

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His athleticism, dunking ability and three-point shooting prowess earned him a spot on several All-NBA teams as well as two All-Star appearances. Lavine has also been named to the All-Rookie First Team twice (2015, 2016) and won an NBA Slam Dunk Contest title in 2015. He is regarded as one of the greatest dunkers in history.

Zach Lavine Haircut Name

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Zach Lavine is one of the most popular NBA players, and he’s not afraid to show off his beautiful hair. His haircut name is a mid drop fade. This is a modern, fresh style that is popular among both men and women. It features a clean, crisp line at the bottom of the hair that gradually fades into an angled cut on top of the head. The bottom line can be done in many different ways: with a straight line or with a rounded edge, depending on your preferences and the shape of your head.

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The mid drop fade is a variation on the traditional drop fade that has become popular in recent years. In this cut, the hair is cut short at the sides and back while the top is left longer to form a slight point or peak. 

This style works well with thick hair and a round face shape. The mid drop fade will help to add extra volume to your hair, giving it more definition. The sharp contrast between long and short hairs helps to add visual interest to your look.

Zach Lavine Famous Haircut

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The Chicago Bulls’ Zach LaVine is a professional basketball player. He played for the Minnesota Timberwolves from 2014-2018, and he has represented the United States on the national team.But today we are going to talk about the signature hairstyle that he wears. Let’s take a look at his haircut.

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Zach Lavine Mid Drop Fade

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Zach LaVine’s haircut is a mid drop fade. This type of haircut is basically a variation of a classic low fade. The hair on top of your head is typically cut with a razor or clipper guard so that it extends to just above your ears and blends with your sideburns. The top layer of hair can be smoothed with gel or pomade while wet, then dried with a blow dryer and combed back into place before being styled with product again once dry.

The sides are also cut using clipper guards or scissors to create a smooth transition between your forehead and neckline (or nape). This gives an even more defined shape than just simply cutting it short all over—it also helps prevent any stray hairs from sticking out from under your cap when playing basketball in cold weather.

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The length of the hair on this haircut is about two inches long, with a gradual fade from about one inch above the ears to the nape of your neck. The top of your hair should be cut short enough that it will stand up on its own, but not so short that it looks like an undercut.

This style works best with straight or wavy hair, but can also be done with curly hair if you’re willing to blow-dry it straight. If you have curly hair and want this style, make sure you use a product like mousse before blow drying your locks into place; otherwise, your curls will frizz out when they dry.

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Steps in Getting Zach Lavine Haircut

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This is a tutorial for Zach Lavine Haircut, which is a cool way to add some dimension to your look. This cut works well with straight hair, but can also work with curly or wavy textures.

Before you begin, make sure that you have the right tools on hand. You’ll need an electric clipper with #2 guard attachments, a comb and some scissors (for clipping off stray hairs).

The first step is to section off the top of your head into four equal sections using your comb. Then cut the back section first – leave it slightly longer than the rest of your hair so that you have enough length to blend into the rest of your hair when you’re done.

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Next, clip off the second section from the bottom up – this will give you an idea of how much hair should be left in each section so that they are all similar lengths when you’re finished cutting them all off. 

Then take out that middle section and clip it down as well – leaving about 1/4″ in length left at most for blending purposes later on. The final step is to remove all of those stray hairs around your ears and neckline (for women), then wash off any excess hair before styling it however you like!


In conclusion, Zach Lavine’s mid drop fade is a great style for anyone who wants to look cool and stylish. Whether you’re looking to adopt his cut or just want to see how it would look on you, we hope that this guide has been helpful!

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